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Keeping you company as you go through your day.

old woman and her caregiver looking outside

Your loved one who is homebound, in their advanced years, or is disabled needs more than just assistance with their meals or personal care needs; they require the presence of another person to keep them company. With our companionship services, our reliable and compassionate caregiver can:

  • Arrange Appointments
  • Assist with Morning Wake-Up
  • Assist with Bedtime
  • Escort to Doctor’s Visits
  • Prepare Grocery Lists
  • Help with Reading
  • Visit Neighbors/Friends
  • Play Cards/Games
  • Assist with Coupon Clipping
  • Answer the Telephone
  • Conversation
  • Organize Bills and Letters
  • Mail Bills and Letters
  • Care for House Plants
  • Encourage Fluids
  • Sitter Services

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